Making use of hashtags effectively

Hashtags have become staple for social media marketing. They started with Twitter and are ubiquitous. The # sign when used by the book can initiate new avenues for you as they act like a bond, which holds social media marketing campaigns collectively. Keep it in mind that hashtags can be infuriating if not used in … Continue reading Making use of hashtags effectively

From where did booze, goodbye and cocktail originate?

What could have been possible if there were no words. Probably nothing! Etymology, the study of origin of words, is interesting, atleast to me. English words are based on religion and I am sure so are the words in other languages. An average human being uses about 3000 to 5000 words daily, men and women, … Continue reading From where did booze, goodbye and cocktail originate?

A teardrop island called Sri Lanka

Close to India, is an ecstatic country called Sri Lanka. The teardrop shaped island towards the southern tip of India is abundant with mesmerizing beaches, historic temples, forests, Colonial fort. People visit Sri Lanka to soak up its natural beauty, swimming, sailing, surfing and more. Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya is a 19th century hill station … Continue reading A teardrop island called Sri Lanka

Alleppey: Venice of the east

Alleppey or Alappuzha is a popular place in Kerala and people from all over the world come here to bask in nature, enjoy the beach, see history and taste the local cuisine. There are 10 places that make Alleppey a preferred tourist destination and we have listed them out here. Kuttanad backwaters Backwaters are a … Continue reading Alleppey: Venice of the east

Kashmir: The heavenly abode

They say that if heaven exists, it exists here and rightly said so because Kashmir is a paradise in the northern part of India. It is all about lush meadows, fresh mountains, crisp rivers and rivulets, colourful foliage, snowy peaks, Chinar trees and the ever popular Dal Lake. We have listed out the places that … Continue reading Kashmir: The heavenly abode

Surf, sun and lots of fun at Goa

Surf, sun and sand is what we all think when Goa comes to our mind, though, it is certainly more than this but beaches are what this place is known for. Goa is divided into two parts, North and South. The best beaches are in the North, along with all the happening stuff. South on … Continue reading Surf, sun and lots of fun at Goa