Eat, Pray, Love!

"In a world of disorder and disaster and fraud, sometimes only beauty can be trusted.…And sometimes the meal is the only currency that is real."—Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love. Eat, Pray, Love….. I can watch it forever. It is light, enjoyable, I can relate to it and it always leaves an impact on me that … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love!

The biggest threat to mankind

I read an article recently about the biggest threat to humankind and surprisingly it was not "global warming" as we all believe it is. The biggest threat to humankind is antibiotic resistance. Scientists and biologists feel that if timely measures are not taken to treat it, it can wipe out the entire human race. Antibiotics … Continue reading The biggest threat to mankind

Refined oils and the myth they carry

Since our childhood, we have been hearing about cooking oils. It was dalda (hydrogenated vegetable oil) earlier, which was freely used for cooking food and I remember the blue plastic can and the yellow plastic container it used to come in. It definitely made the food tasty. Then came the recommendation that dalda is not … Continue reading Refined oils and the myth they carry

This is why children are hitting puberty early

Early puberty or precocious puberty has started to become normal these days and people seem to be just fine with this. But, have you ever given it a thought that what has changed now that did not exist during our time or when our parents were teenagers. If I start to list out all of … Continue reading This is why children are hitting puberty early

We need Selenium and here is why

Several researches have been carried out in order to answer the query that how much selenium is needed and whether diets low in selenium lead to cancers. There have been no clear views on this but one thing that remains absolutely clear is that selenium is a vital mineral for the human body. Our food … Continue reading We need Selenium and here is why

The military diet: review and more

What is military diet? Putting it simple, it is a simple diet plan aimed at inducing quick weight loss and can aid ten pounds of weight loss in just one week. Wow! Really? Yes, it is for real but again like every diet, only if you stick to it by the book. No substitutes and … Continue reading The military diet: review and more